Guild Wars 2 Turns On Weeklong World Boss Bonus Chest Event

Guild Wars 2 Turns On Weeklong World Boss Bonus Chest Event

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Guild Wars 2 and its world Tyria will be set alight this week by the sight of hundreds of players taking on the game’s many and varied world bosses. From May 6 to May 13, players will get a Bonus Box of Goods from every world boss you participate in defeating. There’s a rare chance for these to contain especially shiny items like cosmetic infusions and invisible footwear.

To see what exactly is in the new boss box, simply right click one in your inventory and click preview. While it’s very common to get crafting materials, keep an eye for the rare stuff. That invisible footwear can net you a large sum of Gold on the Auction House if you get lucky. If you’re looking for big baddies to slay with friends, when one of the loathsome creatures is active near you, the game will issue a special notice so you and your fellow adventurers can locate it easily, swoop in, and smack it down.

Alternatively, you could obtain the World Boss Portal device from the Gem Store which automatically updates you about which world boss is about to spawn, and can instantly teleport you to its location. Otherwise, a good method to keep track is by using external sites. GW2 Timer is one such site, that details the timing and locations of all bosses for you to track with ease.

If you’re new to Guild Wars 2, be sure to check out a few of the game’s early bosses like the Great Jungle Wurm and Shadow Behemoth.

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