Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Festival Returns with New Rewards and Achievements

Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Festival Returns with New Rewards and Achievements

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Guild Wars 2 players needing a break from End of Dragons can now jump into the Super Adventure Festival, which returns until April 19th! When you log in, check your mail to receive an Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival and five Continue Coins. Using the invitation will take you straight to the Super Adventure Box lobby. Alternatively, you can enter from Rata Sum, near the Magustan Court waypoint.

The lobby contains houses marked with numbers. If you’re new to Super Adventure Festival activities, follow the pointing hands on the ground to the World 1 house and accept the prompt to enter Story Mode.

Gameplay inside the Super Adventure Box is focused on completing challenging jumping feats, solving puzzles, and finding fun hidden secrets. If you’re not sure what to do first, check the Festivals section in your Achievements tab for ideas.

Your normal player UI is unavailable inside the Super Adventure Box. Instead, your health is measured in hearts and your skill slots can each hold a special weapon. You’ll start with a simple stick and discover and unlock more weapons as you play.

Attacks from Super Adventure Box enemies will whittle your hearts down quickly if they hit you, but their attack patterns are predictable. With some practice and power-ups, you can learn to avoid them.

Pieces of food replenish your hearts. You’ll find food and short-term boosts hidden inside some destructible objects like barrels.

If you run out of hearts entirely, you’ll need to insert a Continue Coin to keep playing. Continue Coins are available from the Super Adventure Box Trader in Rata Sum for a tiny bauble fee.

Baubles are the primary Super Adventure Festival currency. They’re used to buy festival rewards in Rata Sum and upgrades inside the Super Adventure Box, so spend them wisely! You can use some of those upgrades—like the shovel and bomb—to hunt for hidden caches of baubles in the environment. Try smashing villagers’ property, too—most of them don’t seem to mind.

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