Hardcore Ironman Mode released for Runescape

Hardcore Ironman Mode released for Runescape

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Hardcore Ironman Mode released for Runescape:

Old school Runescape has just received a new addition to the game for players who feel that the standard Ironman mode is too easy; Hardcore Ironman mode works in a similar fashion to the standard Ironman mode but there is a slight difference.

Hardcore Ironman mode is limited to only one life however, a death only counts if it’s a “dangerous death”. Certain types of deaths don’t count in this mode which makes is possible to continue playing minigames or PvP events; these deaths are labeled as “safe” so they won’t cause the player to lose their status of Hardcore Ironman.

All players who attempt this mode have a chance at getting a place on a special leaderboard that will forever display their length of survival and final level. The leaderboard can be viewed by all players in-game and it’s uncertain right now just how often the top places will change.

Dying in Hardcore Ironman mode doesn’t result in a perma-death however, it removes the Hardcore status from the player and transfers them back to the standard Ironman mode. The ‘easier’ mode still places plenty of limits on what the player can do in the game such as being unable to trade most items or gain experience from the PvP options available in the game.

Those looking to attempt a Hardcore Ironman run of the game only need to speak to Juan before leaving the Tutorial Island; a new option to skip the tutorial has also been added which still allows the player to speak to some characters and begin an Ironman journey.

Hardcore Ironman mode is now available on the Old School Runescape servers and the developers have also confirmed that a new grandmaster quest will be released later this month; Children of Mah is expected for release on November 21st.

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