Heavy Metal Machines Introduces Cursed Metropolis Arena Today

Heavy Metal Machines Introduces Cursed Metropolis Arena Today

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Heavy Metal Machines Introduces Cursed Metropolis Arena Today

The action-packed car combat MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines, has today expanded its arenas of battle with the introduction of the Cursed Necropolis. Having launched into Steam Early Access in 2017, Brazilian developer Hoplon’s free-to-play title pits two teams of four uniquely talented road warriors against each other while they duel across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to score the winning goal.

A video showcasing the Cursed Necropolis can be viewed here.

Set in an ancient poisoned land, Cursed Necropolis is the third arena to be featured in Heavy Metal Machines, bringing a completely new environmental hazard, the acid pool, which can instantly kill a speed-crazy player if they are not careful. Cursed Necropolis also features wider roads and goal posts, and smoother corners, challenging players to develop new tactics and gameplans in order to make full use of the new arena. To celebrate the launch of the new arena, all characters have been unlocked for a limited amount of time.

Featuring fast-paced 4v4 multiplayer combat, Heavy Metal Machines sees two teams battle it out across three deadly arenas. Players race to pick up a bomb and use it to score and destroy the opponent’s base while fending off enemy hot rods and explosive attacks. Driving is surviving, but teamwork is key as pilots need to work together in this MOBA, taking on specialist roles such as interceptor, transporter or support.





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