Here's Why Mobile MMORPG A3: Still Alive Is Worth Returning To In 2021

Here’s Why Mobile MMORPG A3: Still Alive Is Worth Returning To In 2021

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Netmarble’s Dark Fantasy Open World Mobile RPG A3: STILL ALIVE for the App Store® and Google Play™ recently saw over two million global downloads in early December. An all-new update has been added for players that brings equipment, co-op and competitive content, and high-stakes awards to the forefront of the game. If you’re been away from the game during the holidays, here’s why you need to log back in and see what’s new.

New Game Mode

Adrasil’s Trial, a new Time Attack mode added to A3: STILL ALIVE, will see individual players, or two-three player parties defeat monsters quickly to determine who the best warrior is this season. The Entangled Borders cross-server Guild content is also live for 10-player-and-more guilds that achieve certain areas of Forte’s Seal. Four guilds will compete to defeat monsters in their territory the fastest, while looking to strategically invade other territories or conquer field areas during Entagled Borders’ ‘Rift Time’.

New Year Game Events Continue Until Jan 14

  • Poku Guild Festival – Players to collect 2021 Poku’s Balloons for rewards during the festival, including Event Exchange Tickets
  • Year End’s Exchange Event / New Year’s Diamond Consumption Event – Players can use the Event Exchange Tickets for rewards, including the Heroic Accessary Box. Players are also given rewards based on the amount of Diamonds bought.
  • Entangled Borders Free Season / Entangled Borders Extraction Event – Guilds can join the Entangled Borders content by achieving Forte’s Seal Area 1 for a limited time. Various rewards, including bonus time and gold, are provided to guilds that succeed in completing Free Season missions.

Other New Update Features

  • Three new Legendary Soul Linkers – Pirea (Attack Type), Kamillo (Support Type), and Ires (Defense Type)
  • New Floors to Dark Lighthouse ­– Players can climb Floors 48-60 and can collect accessories and Ethers upon clearing every fourth floor. By conquering the top floor, players will earn one Ancient Accessory.
  • 120 Level ‘Legendary Equipment’ – All new Legendary ★ Equipment can now be earned for players
  • New Year Check-In: By logging in every day for seven days, players can collect a variety of rewards, with a 5★ Heroic Guaranteed Soulstar awaiting players on the 7th day

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