How To Prepare For The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Chapter Releasing This Week

How To Prepare For The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Chapter Releasing This Week

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The Elder Scrolls Online is set to unleash Dragons upon Tamriel with the release of its Elsweyr Chapter this week. ESO players have been spending much of the previous couple of months getting ready for it, as there’s new features to get excited about. One of them is the new Necromancer class, a much anticipated addition. If you’re new to the Elder Scrolls Online or a returning player catching up, don’t worry. Here are some tips to prepare for ESO’s third Chapter.

Catch Up On Everything Coming With Elsweyr

One of benefits of announcing the Chapter back in January 2019 is that players have months of knowledge and preparation time in advance. New or returning players to Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to check out our article here for a full list of features coming in the Elsweyr Chapter. The new zone is of course, home of the Khajit. If you haven’t played the prologue quest, check out our article here. The prologue sets of a series of quests that follows the story that began in this year’s Wrathstone DLC. The two new dungeons hold the pieces of the puzzle that starts off this whole Dragon conundrum that we’re now dealing with. In Elsweyr itself, expect Dragon world boss events, a new trial, delves and more.

Update Your Addons

Addons are a huge part of ESO’s gameplay. Much like MMORPGs that allow them, addons gives players access to additional quality of life things that enhances their gameplay. Returning players especially, you may be sitting on a ton of outdated addons when Elsweyr goes live. This could break the game or cause issues if not updated. New players on the other hand, while not necessary to have them, you may want to give them a shot as well. Here’s our list of ESO’s best addons to use for new content and are priorities to get updated first, links included.

Which Race To Roll For Necromancer

Probably the biggest attraction besides Dragons in Elsweyr, is the launch of a new class in Elder Scrolls Online. For the first time ever, Necromancers will be part of the game. Their blend of using magic to raise dead for damage, tanking and healing will no doubt be popular with players. It’s a unique class too, in which doing some skills in towns are forbidden. If caught, you will be punished by town guards. Anyway, there was a massive racial passive update in the previous update, which should make your choice of a race for Necromancer interesting. For a full run down of all the racial changes, check out our link here.


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