Joseph Update Is Now Live On Albion Online

Joseph Update Is Now Live On Albion Online

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Joseph Update Is Now Live On Albion Online

Albion Online’s Joseph Update is now live and brings with it some brand new content. The sandbox MMO is having a great time out in the sun, having launched in July this year. Joseph also marks the first content update that adds this amount of content. Here are some of the things on offer.

Firstly, The Arena is here. The Arena is a 5v5 battle with a capture point mechanic and is ideal for practicing PvP. You will have to play as part of a team, and winning matches involves capping 150 points before your enemies do. It’s a familiar game mode that I’m sure many have already played, but it’s still nice to have on Albion Online. Besides, it adds a way for players who despises Guild vs Guild and large zerg fights to participate in PvP.

In addition to the arena, there’s a brand new Expedition as well. The difference between this new one and the vanilla ones are that the stories here are fresh. You must find and defeat three seductive sisters and the undead governor for shiny loot! If that doesn’t entice you, there’s Treasure Sites to explore as well. These are new areas that are filled with bounty and enemies too, so be sure to bring friends.

Overall, Joseph Update adds a lot more content to Albion Online, and we look forward to seeing what comes next. For more info, check out the official website here.


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