Legacy Of Discord Now Let's You Furnish And Invite NPCs Into Guardian's Sanctuary

Legacy Of Discord Now Let’s You Furnish And Invite NPCs Into Guardian’s Sanctuary

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Legacy Of Discord now have more reasons to spend time in their homes. YOOZOO Games and GTarcade have recognised this need for personal space and now players of Legacy of Discord can start picking out furniture and maybe even find a few friends to share the housework.

Players can now invite and place certain NPCs into their sanctuary. They can also select from three available home styles and choose furniture. Through daily resource runs and a bit of interaction with friends they can train their pets within their sanctuaries to receive special combat boosts. Or simply visit friends in their homes to get additional resources — they can even gift items to help in-game chums furnish their dream home.

Like most homes, there’s the occasional ‘domestic’ to sort out. In Guardian’s Sanctuary this comes, typically enough, in the form of a hobgoblin fight. At 7:45pm each night some sanctuaries will be visited by a hobgoblin. Players can gain additional resources by defeating this unwanted visitor and  restoring peace and tranquility to their homes.

Legacy of Discord has also seen a wide range of improvements recently, with a numerous new items added to shops; as well as a new chapter unlocked in the main dungeon. There’s also some bug squashing and plenty more to keep players happy when they’re not sitting at home with their feet up.

To play Legacy of Discord visit the site here.

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