Legends Of Aria Will Make The Game Playable On 28 April

Legends Of Aria Will Make The Game Playable On 28 April

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Legends Of Aria Will Make The Game Playable On 28 April

If Legends of Aria doesn’t ring a bell, it should. Some time earlier this month, we posted that Citadel Studios were changing Shards Online in a big way. For starters, the game swapped names, and the developers switched it’s focus.

Legends of Aria is to become a fully fledged MMORPG. The change was brought about due to player feedback, and early information highlights some of the developer’s intentions. The game will have a larger world for players to explore, and more features and systems in-line with what is expected of an MMO.

Based on their plans moving forward, the new version of the game has not been released to backers and testers. Until now. Early this week, Citadel Studios will be playable for the first time on April 28th. According to them, the testing will take place in beta stages that MMORPGs usually do leading up to a launch.

Therefore, the official servers for Shards Online will be shutting down later this month on March 26th. Not everyone will be able to test the game in April however. Access to community servers will be limited, which possible means internal QA teams will take the first watch in the meantime.

Overall, this is exciting news for players who wanted the change and for us here at MMOsWorld. Embracing an MMO system for Legends of Aria will bring in a bigger player base, on top of adding exciting features. We can now look forward to PvP, crafting and much more that Shards Online could not possibly deliver.


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