Maelstrom Update Will Arrive On ArcheAge December 6th

Maelstrom Update Will Arrive On ArcheAge December 6th

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Maelstrom Update Will Arrive On ArcheAge December 6th

Trion Worlds and XLGames are proud to reveal the official name and launch date of the upcoming 4.0 update for their fantasy sandbox MMORPG, ArcheAge. Titled ArcheAge: Maelstrom, the new update will introduce a host of changes to the game, including a revamped Gem system, an open-world raid finder, and updates to the crafting system, and Bloodsalt Bay, the very first PvP naval arena in the game! ArcheAge: Maelstrom is scheduled to release in North America and Europe on December 6, 2017.

As revealed earlier this year, ArcheAge: Maelstrom brings players into Bloodsalt Bay, a new 20-player battleground and the game’s first PvP naval arena. Guide your ship’s crew of five into the waters of Bloodsalt Bay to face-off against monsters and terrors of the deep – all the while, three other crews fight to claim victory and earn the spoils of battle for themselves. Sow the seeds of fear at the very mention of your name in all-new cross-server arenas! Earn bounty galore as the reward for dominion over the seas.

ArcheAge: Maelstrom also introduces an all-new open-world raid finder, the Raid Recruitment Board, allowing players to find or advertise their group adventures to other players at anytime! In order to take on some of the greatest challenges in Erenor, players can also form a link between two raids for better coordination.

The Lunagem system has been greatly improved and simplified as well, reducing random chance when improving gear through adding gems. The process of obtaining desired gem types has also been streamlined, making for a more progress-focused gem experience. Crafting will see key improvements as well, as a new crafting quest line teaches less experienced players several ways to dive into the crafting system. A new crafting interface will also let players discover the range of items they can create and allows for easier searching. Specialize in one skill or several; the choice is yours!


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