Make The Most Out Of ESO's Double XP Event With This Dolmen Farming Guide

Make The Most Out Of ESO’s Double XP Event With This Dolmen Farming Guide

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If you’re new to Elder Scrolls Online and want to level up fast, or you’re a long time player looking to power level another alt, you’ve arrived at the right place – a Dolmen farming guide for the quickest possible XP gains.

What Is ESO Dolmen Farming For XP

Dolmens are open-world zone organic content that happens in Elder Scrolls Online’s base zones. They are on a timer and happens sequentially in various areas of a particular zone. Because it scales, that means more monsters and enemies spawn, offering large sums of XP to those who do it in groups. So, the more people doing it, the more XP and the faster it takes to complete.

How To Start or Join Dolmen XP Farms On ESO

If you have a new character or are using an existing ones, here are the important steps to follow.

  1. If you’re in a guild, open the roster and travel to someone that’s in Alik’r Desert. Why? It’s the best and most efficient place to farm Dolmens.
  2. Once there, check zone chat. More than likely, a Dolmen Farming group is already formed and you can simply join by pressing X in chat. Everyone will know what you mean.
  3. Once in a group, simply travel to the nearest Wayshrine and head to them, or check your group and click on a player to travel.
  4. If you don’t have Wayshrines unlock, travel to unlock the three of them first, because you’ll be moving back and forth between them to catch the Dolmen events.

Dolmen XP Farming Fast XP Tips

Now that you know where the best place to farm Dolmens are in ESO and know how to join the zerg group, what else should you do? Here are some tips.

  1. Tag as many monsters as you possibly can. They die quick due to scaling and player numbers, so use weapons like staves, bows and AOE class skills to tag as many enemies as you can to get the XP.
  2. Don’t need to waste time spamming Heavy Attacks. Light Attacks will do just fine, and don’t need to kill – tap once, and move on to next target.
  3. To maximize the best possible amount of XP in these ESO Dolmen Farms, use XP scrolls. You’ll get plenty through the Daily login rewards, so this is a good time to use them.

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