Male Brawlers Arrive On TERA Console Today

Male Brawlers Arrive On TERA Console Today

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En Masse Entertainment has unleashed the “Fists of Velika” update for TERA on PlayStation4 and Xbox One. Starting today, players can start leveling up their human male brawler and let their fists do the talkin’ in battle. This is a new race-class combination that is sure to knock out players with fun and exciting gameplay.

The human male brawler has some of the MMO genre’s most amazing moves, and with his massive powerfists, delivers punch-and-counter combos, embodying the fighting fury of all true brawlers. He’s a new contender ready to (literally) faceroll BAMs everywhere. As the human male brawler levels up, he’ll earn rewards, including goodies to give him a leg up as he battles his way to the level cap.

“Fists of Velika” brings even more to the table with summertime fun. What better way to say “vacation” than by going fishing? With today’s update, level 22 characters and above can check out the brand-new fishing system. Going fishing is a relaxing and entertaining way to earn exclusive in-game achievements, gold, and rewards. Wily anglers can also use their catch of the day to craft consumables and items to buff stats.

And, to help ring in the sunniest season of the year, players can take part in the Summer Festival, a yearly celebration with oceanside fun and games, quests, awesome items and a whole lot more.

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