MapleStory M Has Received A Major Balance Update

MapleStory M Has Received A Major Balance Update

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MapleStory M has launched its latest update which totally rebalances the game’s popular heroes and characters.

Since launch, the beloved universe of Maple World has earned the beloved new heroes for MapleStory M. Today, multiple character including The Fire and Poison Arch Mage, Night Walker, Blaze Wizard, Mercedes, Thunder Breaker and Luminous can experience revamped skills and powers.

In addition to the character revamps, today’s content update delivers several festive events, including:

  • Maple Pass Event – From now until Monday, Feb. 24, players who clear certain missions or spend Meso can earn special items as rewards, including Experience to reinforce equipment
  • Soul Made Event – From now until Thursday, Feb. 27, players who receive coins from monster hunting can redeem them for Soul Ring materials and other items to construct Soul Rings and enhance equipment
  • Making Scroll Event with the Pink Bean – From Thursday, Feb. 27 to Wednesday, March 18, players who use Meso and Enchantment tickets to upgrade basic scroll items will receive upper level scroll items in addition to leveled-up Star Force
  • Sweet Dice Game Event – From Thursday, Feb. 20 to Thursday, March 5, players can collect sweet dice by monster hunting. Dice can be rolled to unlock special items including Starforce reinforcements and Experience.

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