Marvel Heroes Omega CBT Goes Live For PS4

Marvel Heroes Omega CBT Goes Live For PS4

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Marvel Heroes Omega CBT Goes Live For PS4

Alright Marvel Heroes Omega fans, the CBT for PlayStation 4 is now live for testing. For those who are not part of the testing, fret not. We can assure you that it’s going well so far. All 30 or so heroes are playable and the controls are seamless on the PS4.

But that’s not all the good news. Console Marvel fans, you’re going to love this. Developers Gazzilion revealed that there will be a new couch co-op mode. Players can “drop in” to a friend’s game and take on the baddies as a duo. The couch co-op is a part of this CBT test too, which is awesome.

This is very much a love letter to console gamers who love spending time in games with a buddy in split-screen mode. The couch co-op is not quite the same, but it’s fantastic to not have to split the screen in our opinion. The maps and sets in Marvel Heroes are glorious as it is, and should be experienced in full screen. Therefore, having a buddy jump in game next to you on the couch will be a fun and amazing experience.

Anyway, if you have not signed up to the CBT, you should be able to right now. For everyone else already having fun with couch co-op mode, remember, you have until May 15th!





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