Mobile MMO A3: Still Alive Celebrats 100 Days With New Event

Mobile MMO A3: Still Alive Celebrates 100 Days With New Event

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After three months of adventure and battle since its November 2020 launch, Netmarble is celebrating 100 successful days of service for its popular online mobile game A3: STILL ALIVE with special celebratory in-game events including Check-In, Bonus Time, Shu Growth Boost-up and 100 Day Shop that provides Warriors with up to 1,000 Summon Coins and more. All-new update for Warriors to jump right into is also prepared.
In today’s update, a new Guild Equipment Dungeon exclusively for the ‘Vanished Abyssal Refuge’ is added to the game, along with a new ‘Apocalyptic’ Rift Alter level. Players can also look forward to the maximum level of Sanctuary growing to 50, a new Title and Achievement, and five new Northern Descendants costumes.
Netmarble is launching their 100-day Celebration Event, with the following features now available for players:

  • 1,000 Summon Coins 7-day Check-In (2/25~3/18) – Players that check-in daily will receive rewards, such as Soulinker Summon Coins, Gold, and Rare Transfer Level Preservation Tomes.
  • Super Bonus Time Event (2/25~3/4) – During the event period, players in the Warzone Area (Verdeon + Refuge of the Dead) will receive 100% increased EXP.
  • Shu Growth Boost-up Event (2/26~3/7)
    • Players will receive a Shu EXP Ancient Egg push reward.
    • A 1,000-player Daily Draw event will grant winners 20x Heroic EXP Ancient Eggs. The event lasts for ten days, allowing up to 10,000 players to get rewards
    • A 3-player Daily Draw event will grant winners 5x Ancient EXP Ancient Eggs. The event lasts for ten days, allowing up to 30 players to get rewards
  • 100 Day Shop (2/25~3/18) – Players can purchase 100 Day Special Chests and 100 Day Enhancement Stone Chests at the Special Shop’ in in the Shop tab.
  • Diamond Consumption Event (2/25~3/18) – Players can earn rewards dependent on the amount of Diamonds spent in-game.

Set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and sorcery, A3: STILL ALIVE is a cross-genre mobile experience that pairs the enormous and living worlds of Open-World RPGs with the extreme combat of Battle Royale. Players must be vigilant in an always-open Player vs. Player (PvP) environment as they fight against enemies with intense hack & slash combat and prove their mettle in a variety of PvP and Player vs. Environment (PvE) modesA3: STILL ALIVE is beautifully rendered with splendid console-quality 3D graphics that are brought to life thanks to the outstanding optimization of the Unity Engine.
A3: STILL ALIVE is now available as a free digital download (with in-app purchases) on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, in 172 countries around the world.

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