MU Legend To Begin Global Open Beta In The Summer

MU Legend To Begin Global Open Beta In The Summer

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MU Legend To Begin Global Open Beta In The Summer

After a couple of months in closed beta, MU Legend has set its sights on a global open beta in the summer. Game developers Webzen states that the team is working hard to ensure a great open beta experience.

Between now and the open beta, work will be done in several departments. These includes working on localization, 3 versus 3 PVP, adding more NPCs and general tweaks overall.

As the official sequel to MU Online, MUL will feature fluid and entertaining hack ‘n’ slash combat mechanics that fans love. The game will also cater to both solo and party play through a deep story in a rich and vibrant world. Players who like choices will get to choose from four distinct classes, which are the Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage. Each will feature unique skill sets and mechanics that will cater to your style of play.

Of course, there’s the open world questing to talk about too. Not only is there a main story to follow, but players can progress in non-linear fashion. There will be plenty of side quests in the world to complete.

Hopefully, the timing of the open beta will garner new found hype surrounding the game. Summer isn’t necessarily the best month – considering the amount of popular games releasing updates and new expansions.

I’m definitely going to be jumping in to check out the second MU Legends open beta. What about you?


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