Multiplayer Survival Game Next Day: Survival Arrives On Steam

Multiplayer Survival Game Next Day: Survival Arrives On Steam

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Multiplayer Survival Game Next Day: Survival Arrives On Steam

Brand new online multiplayer game Next Day: Survival is officially on Steam. The game is set in Eastern Europe that’s contaminated by a toxic fag. Players either in groups or solo can experience a story narrative with RPG mechanics to progress.

Some of the features of Next Day: Survival includes:

  • A sophisticated crafting system-without skillful hands you can do nothing in the wild.  An easy and convenient system allows you to create the necessary items needed for survival. You can create the tools and weapons necessary for survival as well as restore cars.
  • There are a variety of game modes. Basic-game mode combines SURVIVAL and RPG. Single-the opportunity to play alone in basic mode. PVE-is almost identical to basic except for the possibility of inflicting damage upon other players. Last Survivor-the action of this mode takes place in an area contaminated by a toxic fog and time is limited!
  • Quests in survival. The presence of quests gives a player certain objectives and each group has its own line of quests apart from the basic ones-the delivery of items, killing animals, NPCs or temporary task. There are quests that allow players to collide in real-time.
  • Reputation and group affiliation. A player receives reputation points for killing other players or NPCs. This is determined by his affiliation with one group or another.  The player himself has the right to choose which side he wants to be on.

From the outside, the game appears to be heavily inspired by Day Z. However, it does add in its own mechanics to stand out on its own. For more information, check out the official Steam store page here.

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