Neverwinter Protector's Jubilee Event Begins Tomorrow June 20th

Neverwinter Protector’s Jubilee Event Begins Tomorrow June 20th

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Neverwinter Protector’s Jubilee Event Begins Tomorrow June 20th

The annual Protector’s Jubilee event will begin tomorrow on Neverwinter, June 20th. It will be live through June 27th. The in-game event marks another year where the city celebrates not being razed.

In other words, this is the official anniversary event for this four year old MMORPG. To assist in the celebrations, Cryptic studios is offering a week of bonuses and freebies to all players. The Protector’s Garden will be open to all players, and those who attain a Garden Key may enter even after the event ends.

On top of that, a couple of new quests will be added to the event. The Speech Skirmish is one such offering, and there are new special items in the Jubilee shop too. Players can pick up the Jubilee Unicorn, a Traveling Entertainer and more during the event. So be sure to check out all the rewards in the coming week before they disappear.

“In celebration of this year’s Jubilee, Lord Neverember seeks to refill his coffers after months of austerity by slashing trade tariffs to encourage visiting traders. As a result, traders from far and wide are making their way to the city to ply their wares. Of course, the Sword Coast is a dangerous place, and these traders need the help of brave adventurers to make it safely to Neverwinter.  Look for some to also attempt deliveries to your Stronghold if you’re in a guild.”

For more on Neverwinter’s anniversary event, check out their official website here.

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