New ArcheAge Q&A reveals what's to come

New ArcheAge Q&A reveals what’s to come

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New ArcheAge Q&A reveals what’s to come:

ArcheAge was first released in 2013 and this MMORPG has managed to retain a group of dedicated players throughout the years; the developers hosted another Q&A over the weekend to respond to the current concerns of the playerbase and talk about the future of the game.

While some questions from players were complaints or questions about the rules, plenty of questions focused on the different areas of the game and the future changes that should be coming to ArcheAge later this year. The team was able to confirm that the APEX exploit that arrived with the fresh start servers was fixed quite some time ago and that players who used the exploit were punished.

The upcoming January update has been confirmed for release at the end of the month on the 25th; the team have revealed part of their 60 day content roadmap for NA and EU servers which contains several new events. The Pawsome Festival will be returning with a new pet and a special void event which is also coming with a special Valentines Day event. In addition to the January update, the team have confirmed that the February update will probably be coming with a new world boss in addition to several other minor gameplay tweaks.

The team also had a chance to respond to questions about new potential servers for the EU and NA regions; they explained that they decided to use an increased server capacity instead as they remember what happened to the extra servers when the game was released. Shortly after release, those servers had a very low population count which limited the sustainability of those servers. As a result of this, the development team decided it would be better to just increase the server capacity for existing servers.

A large number of other issues were talked about in the most recent Q&A including a new screenshot contest, EU representatives and additional compensation for the recent issues that arised from various DdoS attacks.

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