New Life Skills and Horse Gear Sets Available In Black Desert Online SEA

New Life Skills and Horse Gear Sets Available In Black Desert Online SEA

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Black Desert adventurers are invited to cloak their horses with the powers of Wind, Earth, and the Sea as Krodalgo’s Horse Gear Sets go live today alongside a plethora of new items to compliment the new Life Skills Mastery System. With many new events and items available that cannot be reined in, everyone still has a chance to saddle up and hoof it to Black Desert SEA to grab themselves some great experiences and rewards!

Players can now call upon Krodalgo’s powers and harness the powers of Earth, Wind, and the Sea for their horses through three new Krodalgo’s Horse Gear Sets, which give the strongest advantages out of all other horse gear. With each set labeled for the element that the Spirit of the Land and Sea has dominion over, Adventurers can get bardings, saddles, stirrups, and horseshoes to give their horses new buffs in addition to a whole new makeover!

Riding into Black Desert SEA alongside Krodalgo’s new gifts is the second update to the global Life Skills Mastery System update, which now includes new blue-grade Geranoa items! These can be purchased from various vendors in different cities, so make sure to pick up these Life Skill items and stay tuned for more updates related to this new and improved system!

Two other events are looking to ease the hardships that Adventurers might encounter on their journeys by offering special events for companions. For the next two weeks, Laila’s Petals will be in abundance all across the lands, which can be collected by those hunting, gathering, and fishing. Together with the daily challenge rewarding all with Sweet Honey Wines, Adventurers that find two of these petals can get themselves a Fairy companion! Alongside fairies, the Black Spirit will be offering their specially-tailored Training regime to their Adventurers during this time, with 50% EXP boosts to Books of Training for both Combat and Skills. The variety of new content in Black Desert SEA is not something to miss, so come and experience them all this week for great rewards!

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