New trailers for Lineage Eternal and Dragon Nest 2: Legend

New trailers for Lineage Eternal and Dragon Nest 2: Legend

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New trailers for Lineage Eternal and Dragon Nest 2: Legend :

Two new trailers were released this weekend which has revealed quite a bit of new information about the upcoming MMORPG Lineage Eternal and the prequel to the popular Dragon Nest game; the sequel to the Dragon Nest MMORPG is currently being referred to as an action-RPG.

While it looks like the next game in the Dragon Nest series will be a mobile ARPG, a short teaser was released for the upcoming game; the cinematic trailer didn’t reveal very much about this upcoming mobile game but it has been confirmed for a Korean release in 2017. There have been no comments yet on a global release date.

Lineage Eternal is the third MMORPG in the Lineage series and developer NCSoft has just released a trailer for the Closed Test which will begin at the end of the month. This is the first gameplay trailer for the game to be released and it shows the incredible graphics, different classes along with several dungeons.

The trailer for Lineage Enternal is in Korean and features a narrative voiceover in that language; there is no official translation just yet but the trailer did show quite a lot of game footage which is sure to excite fans of the Lineage series.

The characters show in the trailer looked to be very diverse and ranged in class from mages to tanks and what could be a swift-footed assassin. It seems as though multiplayer dungeons will be included in the game where players will need to work together to clear them; only a brief clip of this was shown however so it’s still not entirely certain is multiplayer dungeons will be in the game.

Lineage Eternal and Dragon Nest II: Legend are due for release in 2017 and more details about the upcoming games should be released in the near future.

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