Nexon GStar 2016 Lineup Trailer

Nexon GStar 2016 Lineup Trailer

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Nexon GStar 2016 Lineup Trailer:

Nexon Korea Released their GSTAR 2016 Lineup Trailer Before The Upcoming Gaming Convention in Korea Later this Month.

Desktop Gamers can look forward to:

Hyper Universe – Hyper Universe is a side-scrolling MOBA where various universes have clashed in HYPERUNIVERSE

Need for Speed Edge – Need for Speed: Edge is EA’s latest installment on the NFS series and it’s an MMO developed by EA’s Spearhead Studios, specifically for Korean market.

Peria Chronicles- Fantasy MMORPG  Inspired By 3D Anime with cell shaded art and a focus on user created content, We hope that nexon will finally give us a Peria chronicles release date in the convention, after only teasing us for three years now.

Lawbreakers- Sci-fi team based shooter. Two Team of 5 Players Face off on Futurisitc Map

Astellia Online- Fantasy 3D MMORPG which features large-scale battle and Summoning System “Jinn”

Large List of Mobile Games to Be Shown at the Convention includes many New Titles such as Gunpie Adventures, Tales Runner Revolt, Shin Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, MapleBlitzX, Durango And Many More


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