Perfect World Will Shut Down Neverwinter's Chinese Server

Perfect World Will Shut Down Neverwinter’s Chinese Server

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Perfect World Will Shut Down Neverwinter’s Chinese Server

There’s been a lot of good news for both Perfect World and Neverwinter lately. However, among the release of the Cloaked Ascendancy update and new boss mechanics, there’s bad news too.

Perfect World will be shutting down its server in China after only two years in operation. The closure will take place on May 19 so Chinese players will have roughly a month to say goodbye to friends.

While this will affect PC players mostly, the Chinese versions for both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 will not be affected. Neverwinter has been performing really well in the West, but the same cannot be said about Asia.

The Asian MMORPG market is a tough one to crack, and there’s a certain style guide and forms of content that players in the East prefer. Sadly, Neverwinter does not fit into that mold and the results show.

Ultimately, Perfect World will not feel the brunt of the closure as player losses are only marginal. The game still continues to make revenue and as a result, more content updates are on the way.

I strongly believe that Neverwinter suits the Western theme park category better. The Dungeons and Dragons setting isn’t for everybody and that’s fine. Integrating Western MMOs to the East and vice versa will always be difficult.

We’re still waiting for the perfect universal MMORPG that can cater to both markets. But until that day, lets just enjoy what we have.







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