Pokémon GO Becomes Highest Grossing App Store Game Again

Pokémon GO Becomes Highest Grossing App Store Game Again

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Pokémon GO Becomes Highest Grossing Appstore Game Again

The folks over at Niantic has done it again as Pokémon GO has yet again become the number one highest grossing game on the App store.

This month, the game launched its Johto update that added 80 new Pokémon into the game. This was a much needed update as the game was becoming stale over the last few months. And that was why the game fell down the pecking order on both iOS and Android.

The good news is, Pokémon Go is highly profitable again in the U.S as more players are spending money. Players are now able to catch fan-favorite cute monsters in their baby evolution. These includes Togepi and Pichu.

Unfortunately, Android users globally haven’t been latching on to the new update with enthusiasm. The game is hovering near the top but not enough to make it into the top three on the Playstore.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of features over a dull period last year has turned the fan base away. But a slew of continued updates and fresh improvements could definitely bring Android users back. The in-game store is the real key player here, as it sells plenty of convenience items and boosts for real money purchases.

While I personally have been burnt out on the whole go out and catch monsters fad, I am interested in seeing how far the game can go. There are still plenty of promised features yet to be delivered. A ranked PVP system besides the Gym mechanics will probably the update that brings me back.

After all, isn’t the end-goal of playing Pokémon all about becoming the best? Casuals would very much prefer to just fill up their Pokédex, but where’s the fun in that? So here’s to hoping that much beefier updates are coming in the future.





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