Project Genom will be coming back to Steam soon

Project Genom will be coming back to Steam soon

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Project Genom will be coming back to Steam soon:

The Russian sci-fi MMORPG Project Genom has been the center of recent controversy where the game vanished from the Steam store and the developers started talking to the press about how much money each member of the team was being paid.

According to the game’s coder, they were being paid just over $1500 per month, the rest of the team was being paid a smaller amount; developer NeuronHaze then stated that the coder had to temporarily leave the team to fix his house however, he was also given a larger amount of money by the team to help with the repairs. He disappeared completely and the developer stated that he started blackmailing the team and threatened to get the game pulled from Steam.

While NeuronHaze first announced that all other developers should avoid working wit their ex-coder, Artem Stekhnovskii, it now looks as though the coder and the developer have come to a legal agreement; the developer has also revealed that Project Genom will be returning to Steam soon.

Project Genom was released into Early Access not too long ago as a buy to play game; while the store page has been removed from Steam, any player who has bought the game can still access and play the game.

A new release date hasn’t been provided for Project Genom just yet but it will be returning very soon and the developers are still dedicated to the development of the sci-fi MMORPG.

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