Ragnarok Online Gets New City, Dungeon and More

Ragnarok Online Gets New City, Dungeon and More

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Ragnarok Online players on the Revo-classic server are treated well this week, with the addition of Hugel, a brand new city at the foot of the Icy Mountains. The new content includes quests, monsters and opportunity to bet on Monster Racing or even play bingo with your friends.

Besides the new city, Abyss Lake has been added to the long list of the game’s dungeons, its underground caves contain countless treasures gathered by local dragons, and the most powerful of them, Detardeurus, will not share his gold willingly.

Another major addition to the game is the Taekwon Kid, the unique class, which doesn’t use any weapon, relying on powerful kicks instead. The path of Taekwon is not easy, and those who decided to master it have to tirelessly hone their martial skills, strengthen the body and discipline the mind, but as result, the Taekwon adepts become fierce and unstoppable warriors.

The recently added party XP bonus has been significantly increased to help new players and veterans reach new content as soon as possible.

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