Ragnarok Online Prime Gets an Earth-Shattering Update

Ragnarok Online Prime Gets an Earth-Shattering Update

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The last few months have been extremely special for Ragnarok Online Players from all around the globe. The opening of The European server of the Prime version of the game marked the beginning of a new era for this iconic classic that has impacted generations of players. After months of great adventures, intense battles and proving challenges, the moment of truth has come to Prime as the long awaited third classes finally hit the server.

Rune-Midgardians will now have 13 new classes to play with and explore new builds, skills and combat tactics, all this while exploring the New World, home to Laphines and Saphas alike, and challenging the evil Satan Morroc on the ruins of the destroyed desert city of Morroc.

Aside from the new permanent content, this update also brings plenty of seasonal updates to make this next week the best the community has seen in years. To get everyone set for the third classes, players will be able to reset their character’s stats (once for each character) for free throughout the week. Also a series of challenges have been sent to all warriors in Rune-Midgard, hunt a series of wild beasts for rewarding prizes and reputable unique titles to carry alongside your name.
In the offers department this week promises to get the community smiling from ear to ear. There are leveling packs to help the adventurer’s reach the full potential of their new classes, a lucky box containing a good bunch of new items and the community-loved Rideword Hat. And if all of these are not perfect enough, a gift set is available entirely for free on the launcher throughout the week.

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