Reminder: 250% Bonus XP For SWTOR Players Until April 10

Reminder: 250% Bonus XP For SWTOR Players Until April 10

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Reminder: 250% Bonus XP For SWTOR Players Until April 10

Just a reminder for you SWTOR folks. The 250% bonus XP event that went live last month has just under a month left before it disappears from the galaxy.

Star Wars The Old Republic pretty much turned on the double experience points at a pretty good time. Early in the year is a great time to get alts up for Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion that came out in December.

While most players have already taken advantage of this bonus XP event, some returning players are just finding this out. So you’re welcome!

The bonus XP applies to doing most activities in-game. These include PvP Warzones, Starfighter battles and story missions too. Therefore pretty much anything you want to dig into will reward you with 2.5x leveling speed which is sweet. The bonus will last you all the way up to level 70.

Besides bonus XP to the usual PVE, players will also get 250% bonus command experience too. Command Ranks is a new progression system that arrived with the expansion. Players can tailor their end-game progression in terms of how they attain gear and rewards with the command ranks. These include getting shiny new Command Crates full of gear and loot.

Do note however, the Command Ranks will only unlock at level 70 and through the expansion. But nevertheless, the double command experience will greatly help players on their way to getting the best gear.








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