Revelation Online second Closed Beta begins next week

Revelation Online second Closed Beta begins next week

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Revelation Online second Closed Beta begins next week:

The next test for Revelation Online is almost here and developer NetEase is adding more content to the Founders Packs in hopes that more players will purchase into the upcoming test. CBT2 is scheduled to begin on December 20th and will last for two weeks, its been confirmed that players will have access to a large amount of content and the level cap for this test is level 49.

Anyone who has participated in earlier tests should also have access to the upcoming test and all characters have been saved; players can immediately continue from where they left their characters in the world of Revelation Online.

My.Com announced in an official blog post yesterday that the Founder and Deluxe packs for Revelation Online were receiving new content which should be automatically available to all current owners; the items will become accessible at the launch of Open Beta which is scheduled for 2017. Anyone who still doesn’t own a Pack can purchase them from the official store and while some items will become accessible immediately such as access to the Closed Beta Test 2, others will be added to accounts during the Open Beta next year.

The two new additions to the Founders and Deluxe packs are the Blazing Sky Wings and the Imperial Aries Mount. The new mount allows players to fly though the sky at great speeds while also being able to jump obstacles; this mount is an exclusive to Pack owners and will be a bright blue color. The Blazing Sky Wings are used in the game to unlock the legendary Divine Angel Wings which is promised to have greats stats. The exact details for the Blazing Sky Wings are still uncertain right now.

Revelation Online will be entering its second round of beta testing next week with the Closed Beta Test 2 which is due to begin on December 20th; the test will run until January 3rd and is only accessible for Pack owners.


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