Rift gets better DDOS countermeasures

Rift gets better DDOS countermeasures

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Rift gets better DDOS countermeasures:

Developer Trion Worlds has had some problems recently with server stability for both Rift and ArcheAge; the developer was able to quickly fix the issues and handed out a few apology items to players of both MMORPGs.

The developer has also revealed some of their new measure to prevent any more instances of server instability and DDOS attacks which could force the game offline. The Rift development team posted an update on the official Rift community forums to explain these new measures in detail.

According to the post, Trion Worlds has been suffering from attacks for the past few weeks and that these attacks have targeted several network providers which keep their MMORPGs online. While the unpredictable and random nature of these attacks makes them difficult to predict, the developer has released several of the steps they’ve taken to help counter these DDOS attacks.

1. Trion Worlds is working with their internet service providers and network providers to counter the attacks.
2. Upgrades have been made to the network
3. Servers are being updated regularly to ensure they’re using the best practices to protect them
4. Firewalls are being automated as much as possible to reduce human error


Trion Worlds has also commented to state that they have not revealed all of the changes they’re making to make their servers more difficult to attack; the network and server teams are still looking to add more security measures to their games also. While these changes won’t stop all attacks, they should make it much more difficult to access the servers while also ensuring the servers stability.

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