Rift Offers Rewards To Returning Players During Comeback Campaign

Rift Offers Rewards To Returning Players During Comeback Campaign

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Rift Offers Rewards To Returning Players During Comeback Campaign

Trion’s free to play MMORPG Rift is having a comeback campaign, which aims to bring back former players. Between today up until August 15th, players that log in to the game will receive a bunch of goodies.

Here’s a full list of the items up for grabs should you log in during the campaign period:

  • Celestial Rewards Cache
    • 2 Tenebrean Engines (used to upgrade powerful raid items).
  • Box of Individual Reward Charges
    • Contains 10 Individual Rewards Charges. Does not extend the cap of 100 charges and charges in excess of 100 will be lost.
  • Glimmering Bag of Sparkles
    • Contains 100 Phenomenal Sparkle required for the monthly Patron quest. Sparkles that exceed the 500 cap will be lost.
  • Sagum of Lightning Costume Cape

The rewards range from cosmetic capes, to upgrade trinkets and sparkles as well. In the meantime, the Summerfest is also live, where all players can take part in the festivities. The usual hunts are back in town, such as daily special quests and artifact pinatas. All festival vendors are back in the main hubs so if you’ve been hoarding currency, now’s the time to spend them.

Rift is still around and trying it’s best to stay relevant. I’ve been jumping in once in awhile to check out the changes, and the player base is not what it used to be. Hopefully, the welcome back campaign will bring both new and old players into the game again. For more info on the current happenings, check out the official website here.

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