Secret World Legends Arrives On Steam Today

Secret World Legends Arrives On Steam Today

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Secret World Legends Arrives On Steam Today

Those waiting to play Secret World Legends on Steam, the wait is over. Funcom’s modern day urban horror MMORPG is now on Steam, making the game super accessible to all players.

For players without a current TSW or SWL account, getting the game on Steam is super easy. All you need to do is sign in to Steam, download the game and hop on in. Launching the game from Steam will prompt the Secret World Legends launcher. But the difference from the website version is that you will not need to log in at all, as that is done via your Steam account. That makes it incredibly convenient if you want to jump into game quicker.

Furthermore, for current players with an existing SWL account, you can perform a one time transfer to a Steam account. This means that all your future payment for Patron and Aurum purchases will be done through Steam using Steam Wallet. It’s important to stress that once your account is changed, there is no way to go back to the old account.

In addition to the Steam launch, there are a couple of bonus bundle packs for players to purchase on Steam. These are exclusive cosmetics and mounts that non-Steam accounts cannot access. However, Lifetime players and those who own the previous TSW DLC bundles or all DLCs are eligible for their own exclusives. For more information on everything Secret World Legends on Steam, check out the FAQ on their website. Do note that the game servers will be taken down at 11AM EST as well.


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