EVE Online Launches New Game Forums For Players

EVE Online Launches New Game Forums For Players

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EVE Online Launches New Game Forums For Players

EVE Online has just update its official forums. The forums have always been the place to hang out and talk about the heists and other in-game shenanigans that have occured. Understanding the importance of such a platform, it’s nice to see that EVE Online is breathing new life into it.

The brand new forums boasts plenty of visual and technical upgrades that will no doubt make players happy. It’s got a more stylized dark theme which fits the game well. On top of that, it performs excellent on all three browsers we tested (Chrome, Firefox and Safari). The forums previously didn’t respond too well to anything but Chrome, which was a pain in the butt.

For the more overzealous posters, you’ll be glad to know that the new forums is multi-content friendly. You can add reaction GIF files, video content and even include polls. It’s a real step up and in comparison to other MMO forums, this is less draconian in allowing players to post what they want. Of course, rules and moderation is still in place, so be nice!

If you’d like to see the brand new forums, click the link right here and knock yourselves out. Do post more backstabbing and name calling, we love reading those!


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