Shadowbringers Expansion Launches Today For FFXIV

Shadowbringers Expansion Launches Today For FFXIV

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Square Enix today will be opening early access to the third expansion, Shadowbringers, for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. For the first time since the game’s launch, players will undertake a story-driven adventure to the First, as they take up the mantle of Warrior of Darkness.

Shadowbringers brings plenty of new features and content to FFXIV. The Main Story Quests continues, and players are free to level to the new cap of 80. The game also introduces two new Job classes, the Gunbreaker and Dancer. In addition, the Viera and Hrothgar are the latest playable races in Final Fantasy XIV. The new Jobs begins at level 60, so plan ahead if you want to use one of the new Jobs to tackle the expansion’s content.

Speaking of content, expect to see plenty of story dungeons and trails in 5.0. Additional group content and harder difficulty versions will arrive in later patches. For expansion features, there’s new battle actions, the NPC Trust system, and massive changes to crafting in FFXIV. Adventurers can also replay the Main Story Quests beginning with Shadowbringers onward, which is a very welcome change.

The early access will run until July 2nd, which is the date of the official expansion launch. For more information, check out the early access Shadowbringers patch notes here.

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