Shroud Of The Avatar Offers Limited Free Trial Until 9 March 2017

Shroud Of The Avatar Offers Limited Free Trial Until 9 March 2017

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Shroud Of The Avatar Offers Limited Free Trial Until 9 March 2017

MMORPG players, please dropped everything because Shroud of the Avatar just threw us a bone. The upcoming MMORPG is currently offering everyone a limited free trial to check out the game.

The limited free trial will run from March 4 until March 9, and players can download the game right now. Jumping in is free, but there are limitations in place. For example, players can’t trade, buy or sell items. You will not be able to interact with chests or items on a plot of land. On top of that, you can’t flag yourself as open for PVP.

Hey, it is called a limited free trial for a reason. You are a visitor to the game after all. SOTA will append the word ‘Visitor’ at the beginning of your character name as well.

If you do not mind the restrictions at all, I highly recommend jumping in. SOTA is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated MMORPGs today. The game is all about exploring a fantasy universe where classic RPG mechanics still exists.

The full game will even have single player offline mode, where players can adventure through over 40 hours of story. The world is interactive and alive. No wonder, as the man in charge of development is the creator of Ultima Online.

Many of you already know that SOTA is among the new breed of MMORPGs. The game is crowdfunded, and development is open which means changes happen as the game progresses.  I’m really excited to see where the game goes, so if you want to jump in, get started here. Have fun!









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