Starfall Prophecy expansion for Rift is now live

Starfall Prophecy expansion for Rift is now live

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Starfall Prophecy expansion for Rift is now live:

The highly anticipated Starfall Prophecy expansion has finally been released by developer Trion Worlds; it was first announced earlier this year and is a single purchase expansion, once a player has bought Starfall Prophecy there will be no other microtransaction locks on the gameplay. This is very different to how the Nightmare Tide expansion worked but the change has so far received a positive response from players.

Starfall Prophecy introduces five new zones to the world of Rift; the Comet of Ahnket has arrived under the control of a powerful new force that has terrible plans for Telara. Players must fight to protect the world from this new threat and fight to reach the Tower of Ahnket to defeat the mysterious new evil.

A variety of dungeons have been spread across the new zones which should boast a range of difficulty levels and be a nice warm-up for the new raid located in the Tower of Ahnket; players can fight together in much large scale battles also with the addition of Fortress Sieges. These open world battlefields increase in difficulty and size throughout the expansion to provide a new combat experience. Along side this, the new Rift Assault Adventures will allow players to quickly push into new battles

Anyone who purchases the expansion will be able to boost one character straight to level 65 to get started on the new content; the max level cap has been raised to level 70 as a result. There are plenty of new items to collect and use to upgrade characters so they can better deal with the new enemies in this expansion.

Rift: Starfall Prophecy is now available for purchase and anyone interested in the MMORPG can explore the free-to-play game for themselves at any time.

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