Tera developer is preparing for a recruitment drive

Tera developer is preparing for a recruitment drive

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Tera developer is preparing for a recruitment drive:

Bluehole Studio is the developer that created the insanely popular MMORPG Tera; it was originally released in 2011 and its quickly become one of the most popular PC games in this genre. The team have confirmed that they are looking to expand the Bluehole family by adding new people to their Game planning, programming and art departments.

The new recruitment drive will be taking place between November 11th to the 20th and will be expanding the five studios that are included in Bluehole. While the team is most known for Tera, they have just confirmed that they are developing a new MMORPG which has been codenamed “Project W”.

The developer has previously revealed that the new game will be a blockbuster MMORPG and that it will be published by Kakao Games in Korea and North America; they have previously published games such as Black Desert Online

There are still no details about what this new MMORPG will be but it’s expected that this new recruitment drive is for Project W. Recently, there has also been some suggestion that Bluehole Studios is actually looking to create two new games but there has been no confirmation on this from the developer.

Fans of Tera are still waiting for the game to be released on consoles and while there is some hope that the new wave of team members will allow this dream to become reality, it still seems to be quite unlikely for now.

Details about Project W should be released over the next few months and Bluehole Studios continues to developer the upcoming blockbuster MMORPG.

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