Tera Is Finally Coming To Xbox One and Playstation 4 This Year

Tera Is Finally Coming To Xbox One and Playstation 4 This Year

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Tera Is Finally Coming To Xbox One and Playstation 4 This Year

Are you a fan of Tera and own a console? We’ve got good news. Remember the hiring spree by Bluehole a few months ago? Well we finally understand what their play was.

The developers have announced that the popular action-based combat MMORPG is finally coming to consoles. Tera will arrive on both Xbox One and the Playstation 4 sometime later this year. While details are still muddy on the console move, we do have a few hints.

Apparently, the entirety of Tera’s expansive game world will have a redesigned control scheme and a new UI system for consoles. That’s a lot of work to chew through, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I’ve always felt that compared to other MMOs, this one always had the most potential for a console transition. There’s just something about the graphics and the combat system that makes me go “You know what, this should totally be a console game.”

We’ve already seen what an impact having an MMO on multi-platforms can have on the game. Take the Elder Scrolls Online as an example. Launching on consoles expanded the game’s audience to such heights that over eight million players are currently in Tamriel. That’s enough to even make World of Warcraft look over its shoulder. That also means that there’s potential for more revenue, which will obviously be invested back into the game to produce more content.

Until further notice, we are still short on the finer details. Players are currently wondering if there will be cross platform play, and while that may be difficult to pull of, the developers are quiet about that at the moment. But on the whole, this is great news for players and we look forward to the console launch. What do you think?









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