TERA Is Getting A Hardcore Server For Christmas

TERA Is Getting A Hardcore Server For Christmas

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TERA Is Getting A Hardcore Server For Christmas

TERA is getting an extra special update for the year’s end. In addition to two new dungeons and a host of exclusive events, publisher Gameforge and developers Bluehole are bringing out the big guns with the event server “Manahan”. Open for only a limited period of time, the server offers a unique TERA experience with the most extreme ruleset ever seen. Players will need nerves of steel to walk away victorious.

On December 12th, to coincide with the new update, the event server Manahan will open its doors, offering a hardcore challenge to all TERA players. The server provides access to an experimental playground for five weeks, a space where newcomers to TERA can cut their teeth, and veterans can recover from any potential war fatigue. Players can join Manahan with up to two freshly created characters, who must take on the fight in more challenging dungeons against tougher bosses with reduced basic stats. Even leveling up requires more experience points than usual. On the other hand, once they reach level 65 the progress in terms of improved item XP is faster than ever before.

The ruleset used on Manahan isn’t for the faint-hearted. We want to give players the challenge of their lives,” explains Noemi Feller, portfolio manager. “The server’s been designed to incite players to victory, while simultaneously improving their inventories in the long-run. Whoever manages to battle their way through to level 65 will be well reward for their efforts.

For more information, be sure to check out the official website here.

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