TERA To Release Dark Reaches Update On October 16th

TERA To Release Dark Reaches Update On October 16th

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TERA has announced that the Dark Reaches update will be coming to its MMORPG this October. Launching on Tuesday, October 16th, the new update will add more Apex skills for the remaining classes in-game. Additionally, more level up events and rewards will be coming as well to award players for their hard work. The events will take place in stages so it is a time gated system.

To help players get new or existing characters ready for the Dark Reaches update and prepared for the new Apex missions and new skills, the team is hosting the multi-stage Reach Your Apex event beginning today. Starting now and remaining active until the Dark Reaches update launches on October 16, stage one enables leveling rewards for all classes to speed along their journeys, culminating in a full set Twistshard gear when they reach level 65. Two more stages with events aimed at level 65 players will kick off over the next few week leading up to the launch of the Dark Reaches update.

For more details on the Dark Reaches update coming to TERA PC on October 16 and the Reach Your Apex events beginning on live servers today, visit the promo page on the TERA site here:  https://tera.enmasse.com/events/dark-reaches

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