The Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend has begun

The Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend has begun

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The Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend has begun:

Anyone interested or curious about the MMORPG in the Elder Scrolls online game series will be able to download and try the game for free this weekend; Bethesda revealed yesterday that the entire game will be free-to-play from November 16th-20th.

The free-to-play event will be allowing PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 users a chance to explore the vast world of Tamriel. As a bonus, all PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to test the game even if they don’t have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus. There is no Xbox One free-to-play event unfortunately but Bethesda has confirmed that a free weekend is coming in the near future for this console.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be unlocked for all players during the free weekend and gamers will be able to explore the world without restrictions. This also included the group dungeons and PvP zones in the game which is perfect for providing players with a chance to experience the game fully.

Free weekend players will be given 500 crowns to spend at the in-game store for cosmetics, boosters, mounts and other items; other players should be pleased to hear that the Crown Packs will be discounted this weekend which makes this a good time to purchase some premium currency.

The Elder Scrolls Online has received a large number of updates since it was first released in 2014 with the most recent major update being the One Tamriel expansion; almost the entire game world has been unlocked for players with this update as there are no longer any level restrictions in place for most regions.

Gamers who enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online during the free weekend will be able to purchase any version of the game at a discounted price for the next few days; all progress should also be carried over to the full game if it’s purchased.

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