The Elder Scrolls Online Rolls Out Wild Hunt Themed Season Crates

The Elder Scrolls Online Rolls Out Wild Hunt Themed Season Crates

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The Elder Scrolls Online Rolls Out Wild Hunt Themed Season Crates

The Elder Scrolls Online is rolling out a new season of Crown Store Crates. The latest update sees a whole new batch of crates inhibit the in-game store.

The new crates are replacing the old ones, the Storm Crates. Called the “Wild Hunt”, each crate contains uniquely themed items. These includes the Wild Hunt Bear, Camel, Guar, Horse, Senche or Wolf Mounts.

These are uniquely themed items that cannot be earned anywhere else within the MMORPG. Besides the usual, players can also expect to see transformation items that will alter the appearances of their characters for a brief period.

What I like about the new crates is definitely the theme. The Wild Hunt almost serves as a reminder that The Warden class is coming this summer. The new class is nature themed, and in the lore a Warden is in-tune with the earth and the animals.

That definitely reverberates throughout the crates with all the animals and items in there. Crown crates on the other hand, are seeing a revival now that the game is becoming popular again.

Crown crates are somewhat reasonably priced and the nice part is its contents are mostly cosmetic or convenience. There’s no element of pay to win and purchasing Crown crates are entirely optional. The frequency at which the theme changes isn’t predictable, but in this case, expected.

Now that the Morrowind DLC is on its way, there are likely more surprises to come. Will we see more Warden based updates coming soon? I personally would like to see Warden themed houses and housing decorations come next before the update. What about you? What you most looking forward to next? Let us know in the comments below!








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