The Elder Scrolls Online to get a Housing update in February

The Elder Scrolls Online to get a Housing update in February

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The Elder Scrolls Online to get a Housing update in February:

It’s just been announced by developer ZeniMax that The Elder Scrolls Online will be receiving a new major update next year that will introduce housing to the game. The incoming major update is being called “Homestead” which will include player-housing and allow for house customization.

While the details about this expansion are currently limited, the developer has confirmed that Homestead will be a free update for all players and has revealed what players can from this major expansion.

Players will be able to purchase their own house in the world of Tamriel; it’s uncertain where the houses will be located in the world and ZeniMax should reveal this at a later date. The video released for the upcoming Homestead update shows that each race will be able to purchase housing that’s been stylized to suit them however, the blog post reveals that players will be able to purchase any house in the game regardless of race or alliance. The only exceptio to this is the Imperial-style homes which are limited to players who own the Imperial Edition of the game.

It’s been confirmed that players can purchase more than just one house and housing will be account based; once it has been purchased, all characters belonging to that account will be able to access them. All housing in the game will be located in the base ESO zones which allows all players to own housing regardless of whether or not they own any DLC for the game.

There will be a tutorial quest to introduce players to the new expansion and once it’s been completed, players will be given their first ‘home which is a room at a local inn. Houses will be available all over Tamriel for players to purchase as they progress through the game.


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