The Release Date For Albion Online Has Been Announced

The Release Date For Albion Online Has Been Announced

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The Release Date For Albion Online Has Been Announced

After months of beta testing, Albion Online has finally set a release date for launch.

Players, backers, founders and potential gamers, mark your calendars. Interactive Studios is setting it sights on the 17th of July for release. The game has been in beta development for a rigorous trial period, in which many changes were implemented.

Therefore, it’s great news that the game has finally reached a stage where the developers are confident about their game. There will be a few key updates prior to launch too.

Albion Online will receive its biggest content update yet called Galahad. This will take place around the final beta on the 13th of March. The patch will be rolled out before launch and will completely overhaul the PVE system to enhance the experience. Galahad will add six new biome cities to the game.

Cities are crucial for Albion Online’s in-game economy system. Players will need to navigate the various different cities for character progression and economic gains. So the addition of more cities that are each drastically unique from each other is great. There will be more for players to see and explore while adventuring throughout the world.

Galahad will also wipe all player characters and progression from the beta. So if you’ve been testing the game and have much to do, get it out of the way before the wipe. The patch will also introduce balance tweaks and other quality of life improvements.








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