The Titan Update Featuring the New SED Class Is Live on Warface!

The Titan Update Featuring the New SED Class Is Live on Warface!

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Warface players, the Titan update is now live to download on the PC! Warface: Titan adds the new playable class, a humanoid robot SED with unique gameplay, weapons and progression. Playable both in PvP and PvE modes, SED will allow players to experience fan-favorite maps and modes from a completely new perspective. SED is also a great entry point for new players, with slower movement speed, better armor, and more forgiving gunplay.

The update will also bring unique weapons and achievements, available for SED class only. The fifth class will use heavy machine guns KAC CHAINSAW and XM556 Microgun as the primary weapons. These guns will support hip-fire only and become overheated when continuously fired. As a secondary weapon, SED will have a CZ 805 G1 hand grenade launcher that blinds enemies and causes area damage.

Also coming in 2019 to PC:

  • Special PvP-map “Mars”, where players will be able to fight using blasters from the “Mars” PvE mission
  • Updated shooting range with new opportunities for training, including the display of damage done to certain parts of the body
  • New cooperative PvE-mode “Arena”
  • Themed events for Halloween and Christmas holidays
  • New Battle Pass

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