Theater of Mystery Update Is Now Live On Blade & Soul

Theater of Mystery Update Is Now Live On Blade & Soul

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Theater of Mystery update is now live for free to play MMORPG Blade & Soul. Players can log in now to take on fresh challenges in the form of new heroic dungeons, in-game events and much more. Here’s all the features that has arrived with the new update:

Dreamsong Theater

Wrapped in a shroud of mystery, the Dreamsong Theater is a new heroic dungeon that will pit players against a playhouse full of evil. What horror lurks behind the curtain? Only the brave will find out when they take the stage for the performance of their lives—and not everyone who enters the theater leaves after the show!

Holiday Treasure Trove

It’s the time of the year for presents, and the Holiday Treasure Trove is bursting with gifts just for you! Grab your favorite winter drink, kick back, and find what’s waiting for you when the Holiday Treasure Trove opens on December 5.

Blade & Soul Items and Systems Preview

  • The level cap has been increased to Level 55 Hongmoon Level 30.
  • The Hongmoon Level Experience curve has been updated. Overall, the amount of Hongmoon Experience required for each level has been reduced.
  • The Dungeon Challenge is a new ranking ladder where groups of players will compete for the highest score to earn weekly and seasonal rewards.
    • Create a party on the Dungeon Challenge tab of the Ranking UI (F11) and enter the dungeon via the F8 menu.
    • Your score in the Dungeon Challenge is calculated based on your group’s performance.
    • Leaderboards and rewards can be found on the Dungeon Challenge tab of the Ranking UI (F11).
    • Mazuko of Dreamsong Theater will be the active Dungeon Challenge starting on December 5 and you’ll earn Dreamsong Challenge Tokens.
    • Tower Trader NPC Kangcha in Mushin’s Tower now sells the Custom Dreamcatcher outfit set and PvE Psyche including the new Legendary Psyche for Dreamsong Challenge Tokens.
  • Hongmoon Master Scrolls are a new item that grants 1 Hongmoon Point when used.
    • The maximum cap for Hongmoon Points has been increased by 5.
    • Hongmoon Master Scrolls can now be acquired via Clan Crafting and other events.
  • You can now change the order of your characters on the Character Select screen.
  • The following crafting changes have been implemented:
    • Forgekeepers can now craft Warforge Fragments.
    • Radiant Ring can now craft Legendary Gem Hammer, Sealed Legendary Gem Hammer, and Skyshadow Orb.

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