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Throne: Kingdom at War


“Go ahead and seize the Throne, prove that you’re the rightful ruler of the Kingdom!”

Throne: Kingdom at War is the latest title coming from the gaming powerhouse Plarium. More than 250 million active users build alliances and compete in intensive PvP and PvE battles on Plarium’s games.  Throne is the Jewel in the crown on the Plarium Empire. Critics are calling it the most beautiful and competitive Plarium title yet.

In Throne: Kingdom at War you will establish your empire from scratch. You’ll have to build training facilities, farms and barracks to gain enough resources and troops to go to battle with. The best part of this game is the PvP battles, both for your base and for your clan, the battles are intensive and fun. After you’ll join a clan you will understand why so many players are addicted to this game. The social aspect of TKW is great as people join forces together to accomplish the unbelievable.

Think high quality online strategy game but for free – It’s definitely worth a try!

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