Throne: Kingdom At War Hyper Farming Tips (Advanced Level)

Throne: Kingdom At War Hyper Farming Tips (Advanced Level)

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So you have been playing Throne: Kingdom at War and are ready to move past the beginner stage into more advance concepts and strategies of the game. What’s great about this strategy game is that there are viable methods to pursue for all play styles now that you are ready to take on the world either alone or in an Order/Clan. If you have not checked out our beginner guide to Throne: Kingdom at War, read that first before advancing your knowledge here! Today, we’re going to be discussing hyper farming in the game.

What Is Hyper Farming?

Hyper Farming is a strategy or method in Throne: Kingdom At War that’s best suited to Order or Clan play. It is all about maximizing the production output and focus on only one particular resource at an advanced rate. For example, Player A within an Order will only focus on Food production, while player B specializes in Wood only. Why is this a thing? From a solo play standpoint, this concept sounds ineffective, but again, in an Order situation, this is great for gathering resources quickly in order to begin and take part in long wars.

How To Start Hyper Farming

Thus, assuming you are part of a brand new Order and want to start Hyper Farming, what are the things you must do? Firstly, ensure that your Order has an Order Bank. This allows everyone in your order to contribute their resources. The next step is to delegate which members produce what exclusively. Assuming you are taking part in Hyper Farming and decide to contribute Food, this is what you need to do.

Firstly, convert ALL your resource buildings in your kingdom into Farms. Yes that sounds hardcore, but it’s important for this concept to work. Once you’ve converted all your resources production buildings into Farms, you are now exclusively producing the Food resource at a heightened rate. While that means you are sacrificing other resource production, that’s what the Order Bank is for, and you’ll still be able to get what you need thanks to the collective hard work of others in the guild.

Optimizing For Hyper Farming

But don’t think the work is done. Starting to Hyper Farm is easy, but if you stop there then you’re not optimizing it properly. Once you’ve converted all your buildings to Farms, the next step is to invest Hero Skill Points into abilities and passives that will maximize your Food yields. To do this, simply go to your Hero Panel and spend your skill points on resource production benefits, depending on what you’re specialized in for Hyper Farming.

This is a very important step that most players overlook, because Heroes are usually saved or used for something else. Unfortunately, you’ll want to sacrifice them and make them a part of the Hyper Farm machine too, if you want to contribute millions of resources for the benefit of your Order.

Bonuses And Boosts

And finally, the last step is to take advantage of item and boosts found within the game to either further increase yields or speed for these resource productions. One great way to do this is again, through your Hero’s weapon. Some weapons may have stats like increased food production for example, that you’ll want to have them equip in order to maximize your Hyper Farming gains. If you have trouble finding these types of weapons, check out the Workshop and other guides on how to obtain them.

And that’s your basic view and introduction into the world of Hyper Farming in Throne: Kingdom at War. Why is this strategy viable? Imagine a large Order where 100’s of players specialize to contribute on resource at a fast rate to the war effort. It only speeds up the growth of not only the Order, but every member within it. The Order can build, survive and sustain prolonged war efforts in the game. So good luck Hyper Farming!

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