Top 15 Streamed Games On Twitch Revealed: Which Are The Biggest Games On Twitch 2021

Top 15 Streamed Games On Twitch Revealed: Which Are The Biggest Games On Twitch 2021

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Ever wondered what the biggest games being streamed on Twitch are? Well, Ebuyer’s latest study and report has the all the details, including the 15 top games being streamed on Twitch right now. By analysing Twitch data, the report has revealed which game has the greatest watch time and pulls in the biggest daily audience.

Despite coming out nearly eight years ago, GTA V is still making huge waves in the gaming world. Due to its powerful community, and with the freedom to explore Los Santos in anyway you seem fit, it’s no surprise this multi award-winning game takes the number one spot.

Looking at the table below, GTA V still receives around 334,890 viewers every day equating to a staggering 56,428,986 hours of watch time every seven days.

Following closely is League of Legends which gains around 248,092 viewers on average each day (equating to a seven day total of 41,803,453 hours!)

Below is a table of the top 15 games:

Rank Game Avg. Viewers, 7 Days Hours Watched, 7 Days
1 Grand Theft Auto V 334,890 56,428,986
2 League of Legends 248,092 41,803,453
3 Call of Duty: Warzone 130,134 21,927,647
4 Fortnite 122,519 20,644,529
5 Minecraft 101,187 17,050,022
6 Valorant 99,165 16,709,382
7 Apex Legends 98,945 16,672,208
8 Counter-Strike: GO 97,011 16,346,403
9 Resident Evil Village 94,349 15,897,868
10 Dota 2 70,705 11,913,817
11 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 55,691 9,383,913
12 FIFA 21 54,237 9,138,908
13 World of Warcraft 37,758 6,362,221
14 Rust 36,723 6,187,836
15 Hearthstone 33,087 5,575,191

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