Top 5 Best Roblox Games 2018

Top 5 Best Roblox Games 2018

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Top 5 Best Roblox Games 2018

Roblox is a game creating and playing platform. There are a vast number of games on Roblox so we decided to pick out some of the best for you to play. Here are our top 5 best Roblox games for 2018.

Island Royale

One of the most popular games on the platform is Island Royale, a battle royale very reminiscent of Fortnite. In Island Royale, you drop into a big map and try to scrounge up guns and consumables. As the game progresses the map area gets smaller and smaller and you will eventually have to meet and kill other players in order to win. While Isalnd Royale doesn’t offer anything new to the battle royale genre it does its job very well. The game works and if you want to get into some battle royale action, Island Royale is the way to go.




Pizza Factory Tycoon

Pizza Factory Tycoon is a light management and service game. In this game you manage a pizza shop. You slowly get passive income just by building pizza makers. And in addition to this passive income you also need to server customers asking for different pizzas and milkshakes. The money you earn is used to make your pizza place bigger and to purchase cosmetic outfits and toys. The gameplay never gets too hectic and it is a pretty relaxed experience overall. If you want to chill and make some pizzas, check out Pizza Factory Tycoon.


Mining Simulator

One of the most popular games on Roblox is Mining Simulator. In it you delve into a mine, mine some blocks until your backpack is full. You then return to the surface, sell your collected materials. And use the money you earn to buy bigger backpacks and better mining tools. The gameplay loop is pretty simple but I have to admit it’s also pretty satisfying and relaxing. Out of all the games I played at Roblox, this one was my favorite. It’s hard to explain but there is something very relaxing in going into a mine and chipping away at blocks. Mining Simulator is a great relaxed game and you should give it a try.




Museum Jailbreak

Museum Jailbreak is one of the most originals and creative games I played on Roblox. In it you play as either a cop or a prisoner. As a prisoner your objective is to escape to prison. You try to steal key-cards and cars from the cops in order to escape. On the other hand, as the cop, you try to keep prisoners in check and arrest any prisoner doing up to some shady business. Museum Jailbreak is a great role-play experience and you should definitely check it out.



Dragon Ball Z Final Stand

Another great game and our final on this list is Dragon Ball Z Final Stand. DBZ Final Stand is an action RPG in which you play as a custom dragon ball fighter. you complete quests, battle monsters and level up. you can fly and shoot energy and pretty much do everything you can expect from a dragon ball game. DBZ Final Stand made our list for its originality and complexity and you should check it out for yourself even if you’re not into dragon ball.


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